David J. Gochis

Hydrometeorology Applications Program (HAP)

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Job Duties

Conduct basic and applied research in areas of hydrometeorology, hydroclimatology and land-atmosphere interactions. Serve as a community liaison between the atmospheric science and hydrological science communities.

Professional Interests

Rainfall-runoff processes, terrain-induced convection, land-atmosphere interactions, hydrometeorological model development and testing, field research in hydrometeorology


B.S., University of Kansas, 1994, Atmospheric Sciences
M.S., Oregon State University, 1998, Bioresources Engineering
Ph.D., University of Arizona, 2002, Hydrology and Water Resources

Selected Publications

Gochis, D.J. and R.H. Cuenca, 2000: Plant water use and crop curves for hybrid poplars. J. of Irr. and Drainage Eng., 126(4), 206-214.

Gochis, D.J., W.J. Shuttleworth, and Z.-L. Yang, 2002: Sensitivity of the modeled North American monsoon regional climate to convective parameterization. Mon. Wea. Rev., 130, 1282-1298.

Gochis, D.J., W.J. Shuttleworth, and Z.-L. Yang, 2003: Hydrometeorological response of the modeled North American Monsoon to convective parameterization. J. Hydromet., 4, 235-250.

Gochis, D.J., J.-C. Leal, W.J. Shuttleworth, C.J. Watts, J. Garatuza-Payan, 2003: Preliminary diagnostics from a new event-based precipitation monitoring system in support of the North American Monsoon Experiment (NAME). J. Hydromet., 4, 974-981.

Gochis, D.J. and F. Chen, 2003: Hydrological enhancements to the community Noah land surface model. NCAR Technical Note, NCAR/TN-454+STR, 68 pgs. [Available online: http://www.ucar.edu/communications/technotes/