Partners - Mali


National Meteorological Services - Mali

The National Meteorological Services of Mali provides the country's national weather and forecasting products.


National Center for Atmospheric Research - Research Applications Laboratory | Hydrometeorology Applications Program - Precipiation Enhancement Group

NCAR is a non-profit research and development center based in Boulder, Colorado sponsored by the National Science Foundation. The precipitation enhancement group at NCAR/RAL will be providing scientific guidance and the evaluation of the precipitation enhancement feasibility study.

University of North Dakota – Department of Atmospheric Sciences

UND is a public university located in Grand Forks, North Dakota.  The Atmospheric Sciences department focuses on many areas of fundamental and applied research including airborne measurements of clouds and aerosols along with research and radar meteorology and mesoscale modeling.

Weather Modification Incorporated

Weather Modification Incorporated (WMI) is a privately held company incorporated in 1961 that provides weather modification equipment and services, cloud microphysical research, air pollution monitoring and aircraft modification. WMI is based in Fargo, North Dakota and is the primary contractor for the precipitation enhancement feasibility study in Mali.