Cf/Radial RADAR/LIDAR Data Format


Cf/Radial is the most recent format to be developed at NCAR/UCAR for handling radial data from modern radar and lidar platforms.

Cf/Radial is a collaborative effort between EOL, RAL and UNIDATA.

Cf/Radial is a CF-compliant netCDF format. Because of its CF-compliance, CfRadial will allow researchers familiar with CF to read the data into a wide variety of analysis tools, models etc.

The Proposed Cf/Radial Convention is published in PDF.

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Cf/Radial Proposal

The CF community requires that proposals for new CF-compliant data formats undergo a review process.

See CF Trac to view the proposal, number 59.

Author: Mike Dixon
EOL/RAL, NCAR, P.O.Box 3000, Boulder, CO, 80307-3000
July 2010