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Message from the RAL Director, Dr. Brant Foote

Goal 1: Improve Understanding of the Atmosphere, Earth System, and Sun

NCAR Strategic Priority 2: Investigating the Interactions of the Atmosphere, the Broader Earth System, and Human Society

NCAR Strategic Priority 3: Improving Prediction of Weather, Climate, and Other Atmospheric Phenomena

NCAR Strategic Priority 4: Community Modeling

Goal 2: Increase Societal Resilience to Weather, Climate, and Atmospheric Hazard

Strategic Priority: Investigating Weather and Climate Information Needs and Decision Making

NCAR Strategic Priority: Building Capacity for Coping with Weather and Climate Hazards

NCAR Strategic Priority: Building New Connections with Researchers in Developing Nations

Goal 4: Provide Robust, Accessible and Innovative Information Services and Tools

NCAR Strategic Priority: Conducting Computer Science, Computational Science, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, and Numerical Methods R&D

Goal 5: Provide World-Class Ground, Airborne, and Space-borne Observational Facilities and Services

NCAR Strategic Priority: Developing New Instrumentation

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